Empower Hosting Kit

★ Empower Hosting Kit (Empower Kit, Diffuser, Intro Kit) (41900005)


The kit is designed to work in tandem with your Event hosting efforts. Each time you host an event using the Empower Kit Wild Orange Oils, you will have the opportunity to find someone who is willing to host another doTERRA event where you can present these amazing products. With this kit, you can now offer a diffuser to the host when they have 10 or more guests in attendance. Additionally, if the event generates over 500 PV in sales, you can offer them the Introduction to Essential Oils pack which includes Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint Essential oils. It is a great way to motivate your new IPCs, customers and contacts to host events giving you the opportunity to do more presentations to develop your doTERRA business.

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